What happens if I go over the storage limit?

Hi! :wave:
The app writing experience has been great so far. It is a very well-crafted app. I hope I can keep using it in the future.
However, I currently have some notes in Markdown with some images (well, 14 Gb of images). How can I import my notes with my images if my current notes pass the storage limit of Inkdrop?
Again, what a wonderful app. I really hope I can keep using it in the future.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Andres,

Thanks for the question.
14Gb of images sounds a lot for programming notes. Can you tell me what they are? Screenshots?
Inkdrop is not so well designed to deal with large amount of images at the moment. The sync will take a long time.
I’m afraid that the app will not fit your usecase.