Weird sync problem

Bug report

Found out this weird problem today. I could not see one note on my mobile inkdrop (v4.2.4(103) on iphone) which I created and edited on my mac (indrop version is v5.5.1). I can only see the note with a title, but can not get the content of the note. It seems like syncing does not work. But when I check the revision history of mobile inkdrop, I found the content is all in one history revision which marked as conflicted. I have only edit this note on my mac, never on the phone.


  • Platform: macOS and iphone X
  • Platform version: Monterey 12.6
  • App Version: v5.5.1 on macOS, v4.2.4(103) on iphone

How to reproduce

First time encounter this problem, do not know how to reproduce yet.

Hi You,

Thanks for the report. That’s weird.
Maybe you accidentally edited it on the phone for some reason.
Conflicts only happen when a revision is created before finishing syncing.
If you found how to reproduce it, please let me know.

I will keep tracking this. If I find out anything useful, I will post it.