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Currently running a trial. So far loving this app as it brings the major thing that Evernote lacks - markdown support. But, what I’m missing is a web interface.
The typical use case is: Getting somewhere without my equipment and needing to see/work on my notes. Do you plan to add the web app in the future?

Thanks for the answer.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I’m glad you like it so far.
I understand it would be useful if you can see/work on your notes from browser.
BTW, I don’t add any features that I won’t use.
Web interface is nice to have but it’s personally unnecessary.
So I’m afraid to say no. There is already a lot of things to improve the app and I would like to focus on them for now.


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Web interface (InkDrop in a browser) is something I would also like, for the same reasons as you (and because I’d be able to use InkDrop in my Chromebook). I understand the developer’s position, but I’m sure we’re not the only two users who would like this.

Have you seen StandardNotes? https://www.standardnotes.org/
It’s not as pretty as InkDrop, but it’s much more secure and has desktop AND browser apps. I subscribed to StandardNotes some time ago and can recommend it.


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thanks for suggestion. As a matter of fact, I’ve been trough some serious research on available solutions during the last week. It turned out I’ll be opting for Bear. The drawback is it’s available only on apple platforms at the moment, but the web interface is in the development and it seems to be a panacea for my problems. Thanks for tip though.

It’s a little disappointing to hear that. I’ve been looking for a note solution for long time, basically my needs are:

  1. markdown;
  2. code syntax highlights;
  3. supports macOS, iOS, Linux and web;

I assume Inkdrop is built on Electron. If this is the case, I assume it should be technically possible to make a web version out of the same code base.

This seems to be the only missing piece, otherwise I would definitely settle to Inkdrop and be a happy paying user.


I understand you want it but no. It’s not that easy as you imagine to support the web version.
Besides, it’ll be too bloated to maintain for me alone.
I’d like to keep it simple and clean instead of adding lots of features which I don’t use.
Because features I don’t use tend to be broken. Then, I’ll soon be burned out to fix those unnecessary features.