Web Application

Is there a plan to create a web application to access Inkdrop notes in the browser. I use the android application when I am away from my computer but the Android application is almost useless to me without copy and paste

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand the web client is nice to have.
It allows you to access notes on devices where Inkdrop is not installed.

On the other hand, Inkdrop is meant to be a personal note-taking app, which assumes always running on your personal devices, not on shared devices.
I built Inkdrop for my personal computers. That’s the core concept. I use it every day, literally.
Yes, I could create a web interface, but I will never use it.
I’m afraid that features that I don’t use tend to be broken and unmaintained.
You will not be happy to use broken features.

You like Inkdrop because I’ve been focusing on the core features.
Here is the current roadmap.
At the moment, I don’t have any plans to make a web client.
I’d like to make the current features more sophisticated.
I hope you understand.

Wondering if you would reconsider this, it’d really be a killer feature.

Hi Ryan,

No. I still don’t really need it.
Besides, it’s too hard to maintain the web version in addition to the existing supported platforms alone.