Wayland / Linux not working (fixed)

Bug report

Inkdrop does not run with Wayland under Linux.

$ inkdrop
(inkdrop:163228): Gtk-WARNING **: 19:57:47.587: cannot open display: :0


  • Platform: Ubuntu
  • Platform version: 20.04
  • App Version: current Snap version


Run with Wayland session.

Hi Marco,

Thank you for the report.
Unfortunately, Electron does not support Wayland at the moment.

This is odd as I don’t have problems with other electron apps (Wire, VS Code, Slack, Joplin for example).

Maybe they have some patch but I can’t find that Electron supports it out of the box right now.
Or you are missing something on how you run the app.

Found the same issue on another app, the same conclusion that we have to wait for Electron to support Wayland:

It seems more like a problem when Electron apps are packaged as a Snap.

There is a fix mentioned here (https://github.com/sindresorhus/caprine/issues/1006):

Btw: The Snap version of Insomnia works on Wayland nowadays (just tried it).

Thank you! I’ll try it.

I added DISABLE_WAYLAND=1 env variable to the snapcraft.
Could you try it?:

$ sudo snap install --edge inkdrop

The package build number is 30.

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It works - great, thank you.
Now also Fedora users where Wayland is the default could use it :slight_smile:

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Cool!! Thank you for letting me know :smiley:

I’ve been running it on Wayland on Arch and I did not have to set that environment variable. :thinking:

Takuya added it in the electron build process. It’s not a variable a user has too add. This shouldn’t be an issue anymore.