Vibrant Dark UI Theme Problem


Bug report

Hi, I really appreciate your great work!
However, It seems that Vibrant Dark UI Theme does not work on my environment (see the attached screen shot).
I first gave a suspicious look at macOS Mojave’s dark mode, but it still does not work with light mode.
Can you take a look at this problem? Thank you.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Mojave 10.14
  • App Version: (3.22.4)
  • Plugin Version: Vibrant Dark UI 0.2.4


$ ipm install vibrant-dark-ui
Then, set the UI theme from Preferences

(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi Kosuke,

Thank you for the report.
It is duplicate of Vibrant dark ui rendering issue.
I’m working on it.


I see, thank you :smile: