Vibrant Dark UI Theme for windows

Hi, Takuya. I really like the experiences Inkdrop provides. There is one thing I would like to have. That is a Vibrant Dark UI Theme for Windows. I am a Windows user and did not know how fascinating Vibrant Dark UI Theme is. But once I used similar look on GitBash I feel like using Vibrant Dark UI Theme on Windows as well.

Hi Akira,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah I would love to support Windows for the vibrant dark UI theme.
But unfortunately, Electron does not support glassy background for Windows out of the box at the moment.
Related issue:

When it gets supported, I’ll work on it.

Hi Takukya,
Thank you for the quick reply.
I see. Electron does not support translucent background for Windows.
Hope the feature will be merged in near future.

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