Vibrant dark ui rendering issue

Bug report

I love the vibrant dark UI theme and it is what I mainly use. I fired Inkdrop up yesterday after some time away (though I don’t remember it being this way last time I used it). And now the menu bar has a weird transparency issue.


  • Platform: Mac OS
  • Platform version: 10.13.1
  • App Version: 3.14.2
  • Plugin Version: 0.2.4

Hi Celeb,

Thanks for reporting.
This is a known bug of Electron where the title bar is invisible on 10.13 (High Sierra).
It seems like not resolved yet though, I’ll fix it soon when it’s resolved.

Related issue:

Seems like Atom editor has the same issue:

Let’s watch their efforts.

good news - it has been fixed

This fix will be released in Electron 2.0.

How do I enable the vibrant dark UI? Is it disabled in the latest version?

I found it by myself :sweat_smile:

Btw, is it resolved in the recent version? It seems not. When will you use electron v2 for inkdrop.

Nope, because electron@2.0.0 is still in beta so there’s no ETA for the problem.
And unfortunately, seems like it still exists even in electron@2.0.0 according to an other person’s report:

Regardless of this I’m planning to upgrade electron version when it’s ready for production.
So let’s see if it works then.

UPDATE: This looks to be resolved in electron@3.0.0-beta5. I confirmed it is fixed:

From v3.25.0, the vibrant theme has come back!

Thank you for your report!