Using the spell checker plugin breaks "Copy Link Address"

Bug report


  • Platform: Windows (Korean)
  • Platform version: 10 (22H2, 19045.3570)
  • App Version: v5.5.3
  • Spell Checker Plugin’s Version: v2.3.0

How to reproduce

  1. Enable the “Spell Checker” plugin.
  2. Insert some links on editor.
  3. Right click on the URL, and click “Copy Link Address” in context menu.

(Example document to reproduce issue)




I’ve noticed that using the “Spell Checker” plugin breaks the “Copy Link Address” menu. Instead of copying the entire URL, it only copies a few characters (depends on where I right-click).

I tried disabling every other plugin, but this issue still exists.

Hi gaeulbyul,

Thanks for the report.
That is a known issue, where the spell checker breaks URLs into tokens to check spells in CodeMirror by design.
That will be resolved in the next generation of the editor in the future, by simply adopting the system built-in spell checker.

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