Updated from 3.25.4 to 4.0 beta 7 (the search function no longer works)

Bug report

Hi, Takuya

I just updated from 3.25.4 to 4.0 beta 7 , the search function, no longer works at all

I have tested a lot of simple overall search, nothing is found.
No error in the developer console.

The search stopped to works, any idea ?


  • Platform: Linux Ubuntu
  • App Version: 4.0.0-beta 7



Ok after several minutes, the problem is gone. I do not know why, now the same search returns a result. All searches seem to work.

A delay to build a cache?

You can close this ticket. :slight_smile:

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Hi Roberto,

Thank you for reporting it.
Yes, since I replaced the whole full-text search module with new one based on SQLite, the app has to rebuild index, which would take a while.
Thanks again!