Unable to use Markdown in quote blocks

Bug report

Hi there!
I have just started using InkDrop and have run into an issue.
I am having an issue getting formatting within quote blocks.


Windows 10

How to reproduce

Somehow I have made it so that within the quote blocks all kinds of formatting appear as “" something "” rather than something. I’m not sure if this will show but, basically, the bolded things are shown with their astricts rather than being bold, etc.

my doc is structured as follows

header 1

header 2


code block

horizontal line

header 3

block quotes in this form- here is where the issue takes place: in preview mode, all contents are not still formatted; instead being shown are raw values as they would be in a .txt file


The issue here can be solved by removing spaces that preceded text in the block quotes. I am not sure if this is a bug, but when several spaces follow block quotes, they remove the formatting capabilities of the block quote. :slight_smile:

Hi Stephen,

You can use Markdown in blockquotes like so:

> *italic* **bold**
> ## title
> ```js
> console.log('hoge')
> ```


italic bold