Unable to use Inkdrop on Windows

Bug report

I am unable to use Inkdrop on Windows. When I click the app, it starts and see the window for a split second but it disappears right away. When I click the app icon on the status bar the window does not appear.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: Windows 10 version 1903
  • App Version: v5.1.1 (installed by the installer)


  • Starting the app by clicking on pinned icon on the status bar
  • Starts, the app flashes then it disappears
  • App shown on the status bar as it is running
  • If I click the app icon on the status bar, nothing happens.
    I expect the app show/hide when clicking on the status bar…

Hi Krisztian,

Thank you for reporting.
It disappears right away - Well, it looks like the app window is being moved out of your screen.
Have you ever used it on the second screen which is not connected now?
Please check out the config.cson file:

And you should see something like:

        x: 68
        y: 258
        h: 669
        w: 1151

then, try removing position and size config.
And launch the app again.

Thanks for your quick reply. Where do I find the config.cson file? My app is located in the \AppData\Local\inkdrop folder but I unable to find this config file there.

found it. All I needed to do is to read the documentation :slight_smile:


Hi @craftzdog
I edited the file, saved it and it worked.

Thanks, Krisztian

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