Unable to scroll to bottom of notes list on sub-notebook

Bug report

Hi Takuya, I’m having an issue with scroll on the notes list.
It seems to only happen on sub-notebooks with a pinned note.

Also, it does not happen on a smaller window, like this one:

Also, I’ve disabled all plugins.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Big Sur v11.7.7
  • App Version: Inkdrop v5.5.3

How to reproduce

  • Create a new notebook with a subnotebook.
  • Create 12 notes on the subnotebook (or enough for scroll)
  • Pin any note.
  • Scroll to the last note


Hi picklecillo,

Thanks for the report.
I guess it is duplicate of this issue?

It is! oops :grimacing:
Were you able to replicate it?

I’m aware that there are some scroll issues with the note list like this one:

I suspect that it is due to react-list, which is not maintained well these days.
I’ve already found a workaround for it.