Typing in non-viewable area

Bug report

Page does not automatically scroll when you reach the bottom when writing.


  • Platform: iPadOS
  • Platform version: 13.6
  • App Version: 4.3.0


Create a note on iPad version of Inkdrop.
Fill the page with text.
Continue typing, notice the cursor is off screen and you can’t see what you are typing unless you scroll the page manually.


if you fix this, please add an option to keep the line you are currently editing in the centre of the screen like ‘typewriter mode’ on other apps.

Hi debug menu,

Thank you for reporting it.
I could reproduce it.
It looks like an iOS-dependent issue because the editor scrolls to the cursor position when you typed some characters instead of return key.
I will try finding a way to solve it.

The typewriter mode sounds interesting. But it’d be a personal preference and I need to know if other people also want it as I personally don’t need it. Instead of adding more optional features, I’d like to focus on improving the core features.

Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts!

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