Typing in large notes on Android is very slow

Bug report

When typing in long note files on Android the application slows down tremendously.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: Android 10, Android 9
  • App Version: (3.0.0)


Have a large note and try to type in the note.
Video Showing Slowdown

Hi Neil,

Thank you for sharing the video.
I’m afraid that it’s by design as the editor is a web-based implementation where it’s hard to handle very large text.
Editing 200-300 lines of notes works smoothly on my Android phone, and I guess it’s a sufficient performance for the most use-cases.
Since it’s hard to resolve the performance issue at the moment, I hope you split them into multiple notes.

Just wanted to stress the importance of performance improvements on Android for the future. I just had the unpleasant experience of typing in a word and waiting 10 seconds for it to show up on-screen - letter by letter. It’s a very bad look for a premium-priced note-taking app.
I love Inkdrop on my Windows & Linux Desktops and appreciate the ability to check my notes on the run with the Android version but editing on Android is pretty much unusable for me.

Hi Bastian,

As I wrote in the current roadmap, I’m planning to rebuild the mobile editor in native:


It’ll take time to finish because, as you may know, building an editor is so hard without relying on an open-source library.

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FYI: I’m working on building a native editor for iOS and Android now. Here is a progress report (visible for paid users only): https://forum.inkdrop.app/t/progress-report-on-building-native-markdown-editors-for-ios-and-android/2603