TOC links not working on mobile

There seems to be a glitch in the preview on iOS ( haven’t tried the other operating systems)

I used the table on content option. In preview when I press a header link the whole document window goes blank. The only way to get it to return is to select a different document and then return back to the original document and the text reappears but the header link still do not work. I rebooted the app and the device tried both mobile and tablet still the same issue.

Link to screen capture vid of issue

Hi T_Crain,

Thank you for reporting it.
Ah that seems to be a bug. Will fix it!

I trusted you would. Just figured you haven’t noticed it, or it hasn’t been brought to your attention. Basically just wanted to help you have the best product you possibly can.


On it

Well, I guess it should be fine.
Rolled out v4.1.0 (Credited in the release notes)
If it is still not working, please let me know.