Time to collecting your colors!

Hi guys,

I just made a plugin name color-collection for collecting my colors and theme. In the first release, I did two features are a solid collection and a gradient collection. In the plugin, you can copy the hex color code by clicking at a color.

I am a newbie and if you guys have any questions or request about my plugin. you can let me know :slight_smile:



Hi Maxolib,

Wowww that’s a cool plugin! Thank you for creating it :smiley:
Shared it on Twitter!


It’s cool!
I have been using Inkdrop for a few days and really love it! Thank you so much for creating Inkdrop. I am happy to create a new one in the future. :love_you_gesture:


Looking forward to it :star_struck:

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Very cool plugin!

I’m recreating all my color pallets from Figma into Inkdrop using your plugin, it’s just amazing.

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