This is a great app

I used the Bear app while I was working with my mac and iPhone and was very satisfied, then when I switched to a windows based laptop I was sad to learn that Bear is only for apple products… So I begun my research for an alternative and after googling “Bear app alternative for windows” or something similar many times, I never found anything that came close.

But one day I stumbled upon InkDrop, and I swear it was through a blog post about NeoVim setup. I decided to give it a try and it really has satisfied me, and even more, I find it much better than Bear. There are so many little nice features that I just love about this app.

One thing though that concerns me a lot, is that if I would be so unlucky to loose my password, there is no way for me to recover my data.

But other than that! Good job and keep it up.

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Thanks, Unnsteinn!
Great to know that my Neovim blog post helped you discover Inkdrop :smiley:

Right, so please don’t forget to set up your backup!

Thanks again for the kind words. I’ll keep updating it.