The toolbar above the keyboard isn’t fully visible on iOS

Bug report

I’m using Inkdrop on iOS public beta version.
I found some strange behavior of Inkdrop for iOS.

  • After using Inkdrop for some minutes, the color of information from iOS will be while. (It is impossible to see the information)
  • Special keyboard of Inkdrop is hidden by iOS keyboard.


  • Platform: iOS
  • Platform version: iOS 14.4 (18D5030e)
  • App Version: (4.0.3)


1st issue will be appeared after using some minutes, 2nd issue will be appeared always.

Hi Hirofumi-san,

Thank you for the report.
As the issues appear in the beta version of iOS at the moment, I’d like to wait and see until it gets officially released.
Besides, it looks like they need to be fixed in React Native or a library. Maybe they will work on them soon, then I’ll update them.

Justin reported the same issue even on iOS 14.3 with iPhone 12 Pro.

But I still can’t reproduce it.
Need to find what is actually causing it.

Unfortunately, I can’t “recreate” the problem because it’s permanent.

Did a hard reset on my phone. Problem persists.

Deleted and reinstalled app. Problem persists.

iPhone 12 Pro
iOS 14.3.

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Got it to reproduce!

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I’ll publish a fixed version via TestFlight. Hold on.

@Hirofumi_Saito @Justin_Noel
published on Test Flight.
Would you mind testing it?

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Thank you for your inviting the test flight.
I’ve installed test version of inkdrop now.
Currently, I did not use test version for long time, but it works well.
Thank you, Takuya-san.

Cool! Thanks for checking it.
Landed in v4.0.4🎉
Credited you guys in the release notes:raised_hands:
Thanks again for reporting it!

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Tada! Fixed it for me too. Thanks so much @craftzdog!

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