Tabs Support

Would be nice if we can have tabs, kind of similar to browser tabs, to InkDrop.

Browser tab navigation have been really useful for me since it was invented, because it is very hard to manage lots of browser windows.

Would be cool if we also have that on Inkdrop.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand tabs are useful for multitasking. I love browser tab navigations.
On the other hand, Inkdrop already has the note list which behaves similar to tabs.
So, it’s kind of too complicated to use if Inkdrop had the tab feature.
Besides, it would depend on a personal preference.
I’d like to focus on its simplicity rather than adding more features that depend on personal preferences.

Instead, you can open the multiple Inkdrop windows from the application menu.
So, you can edit notes while referring to other notes.

Hi Takuya! I think the use case for the tabs and note list are very different.

Most times I have a work notebook, a common notebook, a gaming notebook, and a personal notebook open in different windows. It would be really convenient to have them in 1 window instead.

Hope you can reconsider, and thanks for such a great app, I have been enjoying it for a year now!

I understand you want tabs.
Supporting tabs requires the app to hold the entire state for each tab, which would make the app heavy and buggy.
I’d like to keep it simple and clean so that the app can just work without friction.

Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts. I appreciate it.