Table formulas

Hi! Awesome application.
There is something that I’m missing though moving from Obsidian.

Would it be possible, either as plugin or main feature of Inkdrop, to have table formulas?

Table formulas work similar to how you do math in Excel, where you can place the sum of something in a different cell.

An example:
Here it takes the three cells under “Amount” and after you run a command to evaluate the formula, it places the total in the “Total” row.

I had a look into making a plugin for Inkdrop myself, but after having a look at it, it’s too advanced for my current knowledge so I don’t know how or where I’d even start :sweat_smile:

Hi Rinnray,

Thanks for the suggestion.
That looks so complicated to support.
Inkdrop’s Markdown renderer is based on Remark, the same as Obsidian’s. So, it should be possible.
I don’t know how it works, but I guess you can look into their plugin to see how to implement it.
I’ve never needed that feature myself, so it’s currently not planned to be supported.

Markdown is not good at dealing with tables as it’s a plain-text format.
I don’t feel like adding app-specific syntaxes to Markdown because it breaks the portability of your notes.
Formulas are one of the nice-to-have features though, it is not what Inkdrop would focus on.
I like tables. I’ve been thinking of ideas for accomplishing a flexible way to provide making tables in notes.
But no idea at the moment. I’d like to focus on building the new mobile version for now. I’ll revisit it after that.

Having dug around a little with the obsidian plugin I found out that the person that made that plugin, also made a library for doing advanced table things, like moving between cells etc but also do formulas.
On that library I saw that someone already made a plugin that uses that exact library.
So a start seems to already be there, it should just be a matter of figuring out the way to implement it.
I’m gonna open an issue on that plugin and suggest it and see if he adds it, otherwise I’ll try to get my hands dirty again and figure it out :smile:.

It’s nothing that’s keeping me from fully switching to Inkdrop, since I can just use excel for what I need it to. But like you said it’s a “nice-to-have” feature, and I just like to have things organized in one place and not scattered all over haha.

Anyway, thanks for reading what I had to say :smile: and welcome back from your vacation!

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Good to hear that.
I’m happy that we have such a great community that creates useful plugins.
Please let me know when you created a plugin for table formulas. I’d be happy to provide a plugin developer license:

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