Sync panel does not reflect correct state

Bug report

When you click on Settings iconSyncAdvanced (Sync with own server) and input a URL → hit Approve and close the window → this will trigger a sync and status down there changes to Syncing.
After a while it shows Synced and I thought it did happen and all is okay. But when I tried it locally to reach my db server it appeared I did not expose the right port, but the App says all is fine “I am synced”. Instead if the backend call ends with an error (which I found out later by using “Run network diagnosis” app shall show correct state, something like “Synchronisation unsuccessful” with some red cross icon but this currently does not happen.


How to reproduce

As stated in the Bug report → just select advanced in settings and input invalid URL.

Hi Vaclav,

Thanks for the feedback.
Sync basically fails for various reasons, including an unstable network, a proxy server, and the server being (temporarily) down.
Reporting every error is annoying in my experience.
Since the self-hosted DB is for advanced users, your case (incorrect port config) would not be a usual case for most users.