Sync checkbox at login prompt


I am proposing that a checkbox be provided at the login prompt for a newly installed client that allows you to specify if you want it to synchronize.

I use Inkdrop both at home and at work, but I do not synchronize at work because I do not want my personal data accessible on a work system, nor do I want work data to be stored outside of their network.

To accomplish this now, I simply turn off synchronization on my work PC.

However, the first time I logged in it immediately tried to synchronize my personal data to the cloud.

Once sync has been disabled after first login it appears to stay that way after a logout/login. It might only apply to first time login from a client.

Hi Evan,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand you want to use it at home and at work.
You can configure to use it without sync in config.cson like so before you log in:

        disabled: true

As this is basically not a major intended use-case, I don’t plan to support it at the moment.
But hope it works.

understood and thank you for considering.

This config file is populated before first login? I can add this option, restart the client, and it will not overwrite it on login?

Yes, it’s populated before the first login and it will not overwrite the option unless you change it manually. I tested that.

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