Switched from online sync to offline store, does not remove online notes

Bug report

In the MacOS client, under Preferences/Sync I switched from online sync to offline store (“don’t sync”), and found that it does not remove online notes. I can still see them in my Android client, even after logging out and then logging back in and forcing a sync.

I’d like to try using it in offline mode only, so want to have any online notes removed.

How can this be done? I might want to switch back to online syncing in the future, so I don’t want to remove my online account completely.


  • Platform: macOS/Android)
  • Platform version: Sierra/10.12.6
  • App Version: 3.12.0


Preferences/Sync switch from online sync to don’t sync. Go to Android app and still see notes online and syncing.

Hi Rich,

Thank you for the report.
The “don’t sync” option literally just stops syncing and it doesn’t remove existing notes in the remote server.
The remote database stores a ‘state’ of your notes for syncing, that is, unfortunately you can’t delete your ‘data’ once it has been sent to the server. If you delete it by force, the sync state will be corrupt and you will even potentially lose your local data when you switched back to syncing in the future.

If you would like to delete your data in the server completely, I’m afraid that you have to delete your account and register it again.
Please back up your data before deleting your account: https://doc.inkdrop.info/manual/backing-up-your-data

Hope it helps.