Supported restore window size and location?


I have a question.
Inkdrop v4.x is supported window size and location?

I think that version 3.x is supported maximize only.
So, I created store-bounds.
If it support the above feature, I will archive the plugin.


Hi yuma-san,

Thank you for the question.
Yes, v4 remembers the main window’s size, position, maximized and fullscreen state in core.mainWindow in config.cson.
Does that answer your question?

BTW, thanks so much for making store-bounds plugin!
I checked it out and found that this part looks great:

It prevents the main window from protruding from the display bounds.
I would like to use this code :slight_smile:

Hi Takuya-san.

Yes, that’s a great answer!

Thank you :blush:

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