Support reStructuredText next to Markdown

It would be super awesome if Inkdrop could also support reStructuredText next to Markdown.

Hi ToLa,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand you like reStructuredText.
As you know Inkdrop solely focuses on Markdown. It doesn’t support any languages like Wiki, AsciiDoc, Pandoc, or Markdeep.
This is important because I can rely on the Markdown ecosystem, like libraries and modules.
Supporting other dialects and languages would make it so hard to keep the app simple and stable.
Besides, I personally don’t use them.
Features I don’t use tend to be broken and you will not be happy to get broken features.
I hope you understand.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Sure, I understand. But do you think it would be possible for me to build a plugin that adds support? Or is this beyond the scope of the plugin API?

Yeah, plugins are basically for adding supplementary features.
The app heavily depends on the library called remark for rendering Markdown.
That makes other plugins possible to easily add additional features like math.
Replacing the whole editor or preview is kind of beyond the scope.