Support for Locking/Securing Notebook


Is there a way to lock/secure a specific note/notebook?
I use InkDrop for all my notes, some personal, some work related, and would like to be able to protect access to my personal notes on my work laptops and vice-versa.

In addition, I’ve recently thought of also creating a notebook to store some secrets (passwords, etc) and was wondering 1) is it safe? and 2) can we have a way to lock/secure those so no one except for me can access them?

Just thought it could be a good feature to add, if not present yet.


Hi Luis,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Inkdrop provides end-to-end encryption, so other people including me basically can’t see your notes out of the box.
Regarding the locking feature, please check out this topic as it’s duplicate:

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