Support arguments for `command://` URIs

Continuing the discussion from Cannot access localhost:8001 for local mobile plugin testing:

would you consider adding support to have command:// urls invoke arguments?

It would be nice to have. @Ryan_McQuen, what do you want to use it for?

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Just thinking of ways to support wiki links on mobile. This could help since I’m guessing inkdrop:// and command:// links still work on mobile?

You have to at least be able to check if a note with the title is existing or not via the database API. Am I correct?
I don’t think supporting arguments for command URIs would solve this issue.
Why it’s hard to provide the APIs is that the editor and preview are web-based components inside a webview:

In terms of implementation, it is possible to provide the database APIs by implementing IPCs for them, but it is a big task.
I need to finish the current roadmap first.

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True, more just thinking of reduced functionality on mobile as at least a temporary measure (versus no support at all).