Stop note syncing when switching between apps


Every time I switch between Inkdrop and any another app, Inkdrop automatically triggers a synchronisation of notes that generates a lag in note taking until the sync is finished. This becomes very tedious for a user that continuously moves between another app and back to Inkdrop.

Is there a way to configure Inkdrop to not sync after certain actions? Is there any flexibility in the configuration of the note synching?


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Mojave 10.14.6
  • App Version: 4.6.1


Command + Tab between browser any app and an open Inkdrop note to immediately write. Syncing starts and there is a lag in between typing and content being shown in the Inkdrop note.

Hi Julio,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I guess that’s a performance issue regarding indexing.
The data sync basically does not block UI because it’s performed in the main process, not the browser window.
I found a bottleneck in indexing while developing v5, which is currently in beta and will be released soon.
Please let me know if the issue still persists in v5.

Hi Takuya!

Sounds like it could be the indexing, I do have over 300 notes. Looking forward to v5 to see if that solves the issue!

Wanted to mention that the browser is only mentioned as an example. It is the Inkdrop UI that lags and freezes after coming back to the Inkdrop app from any other app.

Thank you!

I think I am facing a similar problem.
Sometimes I am using other app and then come back to Inkdrop to search something… but It has a lag that generate some error, and then it doesn’t open anything! I didn’t reported because I am not sure what exactly generate the problem. But after the problem I see only this screens.

When it happen I need to restart the program! It happen several times per day.

That seems to be another issue. I just fixed Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined error this morning.
I’ll send you a patch build later.

@craftzdog v5 fixed the issue, seems like you were right about the indexing, v5 is soooo smooooth :smiley:

congrats on the release and thank you for the good work!

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Great!! Thanks for letting me know :wink: