Spell-checker on Manjaro Linux

I use the version 5.4.1 on Manjaro Linux (Gnome). In spell-checker, I set “en_US” as Language, which is also the display language of Gnome, but it works in “en_UK” way.

On my MBP (version 5.4.2), the spell-checker works correctly as “en_US”.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for reporting it.
Can you explain what is the “en_UK” way?
I need to reproduce it.

When I type “Customize” (US spell), it puts red underline to indicate spelling error. But it accepts “Customise” (UK spell). On Mac, it’s opposite.

This is not critical and I can live with it. You can look at it when you have free time. I’ll check on other Linux distros as well.

Thanks for the information.

Actually, the plugin is completely platform-independent, as you can see in the source code:

So, that’s weird.
What value do you get when running the following JS in the developer tool console?


The output from the command:

{language: "en_US"}

Today I did some more testing, the spell-checker actually works correctly in the contents, but not in title. Sorry I went to conclusion too fast previously.

I also verified in Kubuntu 21.04, it behaves the same. It seems title spell-checking is controlled by something else. Quite strange on Linux.

Ah, the spell-checker only works in the editor.
The title bar is just a simple text input, where Chromium’s built-in spell checker would work, like Chrome browser.

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I see. Case closed. Thanks for your support.

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