Sort order affects visibility of notes

Bug report

Sort order affects visibility of listed notes.
I have a notebook which have 35 note with none, completed and dropped state.
When I select this notebook, it shows only note with none state. This is correct.
After I changed sort order from Descending to Ascending, all notes in list become invisible and ‘No Notes’ is displayed.

  • This is reproduced on another Mac with same account.
  • This is occurred on only one notebook. Other notebook don’t have problem.


  • Platforms: Mac
  • Platform version: Mojave
  • App Version: 4.1.0


I don’t know how to reproduce it on other environment.

Hi Keiji,

Thank you for reporting it.
I reproduced the issue that notes are not displayed as expected when changed the order while viewing notes with ‘Completed’ / ‘Dropped’ status. It just disappears.
It’s a bug and will be fixed! Thanks again.

Hi, Takuya.

Thank you for your quick response and investigation.
I am waiting for fixing this issue.

Hi Keiji,

Can you please try this patch to check if your issue got resolved?


Hi Takuya

This problem was not fixed with patched app.
I tried to logout and login again. But it was same.

This notebook have 2 active, 39 completed and 4 dropped notes.
2 notes should be listed.
But follow numbers notes are listed by sort subject and order.

Title Date created Date updated
Ascending 1 0 0
Descending 0 2 2

That’s weird.
Can you please try rebuilding the FTS index?

You can trigger it from the application menu: Developer -> Rebuild FTS Index

I tried to rebuild FTS index. But this problem was not fixed.

Ah okay, reproduced!

It should fix the issue. Can you please try it again with this patch?

Fixed!! Thank you!