Some Korean key input disappears

In korean we usually combine three(or two) character to make one meaningful character.
so if i try to type
μ • β†’ it is combine with three character β†’ γ…ˆ, γ…“, γ…‡
In inkdrop sometime one of the character is disappearing.
I have sample video here.
what I was trying to type was β†’ 정해진 ->which is β†’ γ…ˆ,γ…“,γ…‡,γ…Ž,ㅐ,γ…ˆ,γ…£,γ„΄
γ…Ž-> this character on disappearing.
sometimes this happens in some specific applications but usually big or old application doesn’t have this problem. I believe this is something to do with encoding or some sort of language setting.

Thank you :smiley:

Hi Eung,

Thanks for the report.
I guess that’s a bug of CodeMirror like this:

I hope they’ll eventually fix that, then I’ll be happy to update it.