So, I warned about this, I asked about this, I was told it would not happen, and here we are

I am relatively certain that a payment of 4.99 did not go through from my bank for my subscription, in in return my account, and all my notes, are now gone. Deleted. Months of school work, months of ideas and inventions, gone. Poof.

Don’t you dare tell me, I should back up my notes. If you are a note taking application, you are the back up. Now I can not log in. No emails, or passwords I use in any fashion work. My work is gone.

I absolutely KNEW this would be the case, but I gave InkDrop a chance despite all my colleges telling me to use OneNote or SimpleNote. I was entirely wrong. InkDrop was a waste of time, and has cost me MONTHS of effort.

I have no way to even log in, to assure my payment information is removed.


I found a bug related to the login session management in the latest version.
I built a fixed version now so could you try it?
Your data isn’t lost.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
Hope it works.

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I guess your free trial has been expired but the app was not able to tell you about it due to this bug.

Yes, so a bug has cost me honestly much much more than I wish to admit. I was honestly planning on subbing to Ink-drop, I love taking notes in Mark Down and studying on my phone.

I am away from my main computer right now with family. I should be able to try this on tonight around 6-7pm my time ( MST ) I will be sure to comment again once I have.

I am sorry for my harsh words, but I am certain you can imagine my feelings when I woke up to tinker with my notes and was met with a login screen which did not respond to my password.

I understand how you felt to this problem. I’m sorry. Sure, I’ll wait for you.
Please let me know if you still have the login issue.
I will do my best to avoid such a bug.

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I got back early, logged in using my information and was promptly greeted with the notice. I put in my information and all seems well.

Thank you for the quick work on your part Craftz, really nice responsiveness.

Glad it works!
Thank you for the report and purchasing Inkdrop.