Sidebar menu got stuck in the middle of the transitions between workspace view and book list

Bug report

After pressing tab and shift-tab a couple of times, the sidebar gets stuck in a weird state.
The sidebar is not clickable. Hovering on the elements does not trigger the usual hover effect as well.
There are no errors in the console, only warnings.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: Windows 11
  • App Version: v5.5.1

How to reproduce

Pressing tab and shift-tab to navigate back and forth from sidebar to editor area.
I am not sure exactly how many times it took for the sidebar to get stuck because I encounter the problem as I was taking notes.


Restarting the app solves the problem but it is not ideal.

Hi Juan,

Thanks for the report.
That looks like a bug.
What commands do you bind with tab and shift-tab?
Because by hitting tab on the sidebar just move the focus to the note list bar, not to the editor.
It seems that the sidebar transition stops while switching to/from the workspace view. But the tab key doesn’t trigger those animations.

Hello Takuya,

No, I haven’t bind tab and shift-tab to any command. I just started pressing tab and shift-tab and started switching between focus.

However, I have the a vim, math, table editor, and some other plugins install.

If I got it to reproduce, I’ll fix it.