Sharing External Images is prohibited?

Is there a way to allow external image links to work on shared notes?

For instance, I can’t share the default tutorial page on inkdrop, since it disallows S3 image assets to be publically viewed.

Hi Vincent,

Yes, it is prohibited for the security reason as the error message says.

Can there be a setting that allows this shareable external images?

I use gifs and inkdrop doesn’t support this format yet, so I would really like to use imgur or s3 to host these files.

What exactly is the security exploit using external images anyhow? (asides tracking?)

No options. This page would be helpful to learn about the vulnerability of img tag.

Besides, it involves a privacy problem because you would be able to collect visitors’ informations such as IP address from requests to embedded image.

Inkdrop supports GIF images. Do you have any issue to attach GIF images?

Attaching gifs is slightly different for me since I have to drag and drop the original file, windows clipboard doesn’t support native pasting of gifs