Share to Web Does Not Render Plugins i.e. Admonition Plugin

When I share to web, it doesn’t render the plugins that I have installed.

When I export to HTML or PDF, the plugins miraculously work however.

I would like to request share to web to also respect plugins like export to HTML/PDF.
I would think the Share to Web can just use the Export to HTML code to render the contents.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the suggestion.
It’s not possible for security reasons. Plugins can render almost anything. Allowing them to render on the web will cause a lot of vulnerabilities.

Maybe allow the plugins to use an API to make an image at least?

Or maybe have it render but only allow CSS/sanitized HTML.

It’s so complicated as plugins can come with a lot of CSS and JS assets.
It costs too much for uploading those assets and even generating images per edit for each plugin.