Share notebooks with other Inkdrop users for collaboration

It will be great to be able to share (for view and edit) notebooks with other Inkdrop users and have them display directly into the app.
It would allow teams to collaborate on a specific notebook, share task list etc…
Thank you for your work on this app which is the best note taking app I have used so far and have the majority of the options I was looking for ;).

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Hi Julek,

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m happy you enjoy it!
Yeah, sharing notebooks would be definitely great.
However as I wrote in the roadmap and other blog posts, I’m afraid that this app is focused for a personal note-taking but not for team work.
This is important to keep the app simple and clean.
Because implementing collaboration features would be complicated (e.g., encryption) and I can’t even build good features that I won’t use. I don’t need it at the moment because I’m developing it alone.

Best regards

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