Setting a timer for a specific task


As I am still fiddling with various features of Inkdrop, I was wondering if there is a way to set a timeline for a specific task?
I understand that I can set the status of one project as active and also set a ToDo list there which will automatically show me how much I have done so far. TBH, I really like this feature.
Though I certainly do not want to set a timeline for all the things I am working on, I would prefer to have a deadline for some of them.
I would really appreciate a small howto on this.

Hi Tamoghna,

Thank you for the question.
Inkdrop does not provide a way to set a timer for a task.
Because I focus on improving it as a note-taking app but not as a todo management app.
So, it is not planned to be supported.
But you can create a plugin to make it fit your workflow.

Or, you can share your idea on the Discord community and someone might work on it.
You can find a few plugins regarding todo that other folks made: