Set sync server (CouchDB) on iOS app


First, I would like to thank you @craftzdog for such a great app.

I have the following problem/issue. I set up my own CouchDB server for sync notes and pointed inkdrop desktop apps to this server and it works great. But I can’t find option to do it on iOS mobile app. Is there possibility to set sync server on iOS app? Otherwise it doesn’t make sens to have own sync server if I can’t sync my notes from all my devices.


Hi b4k3r,

Thank you for the suggestion.
At the moment, I’m afraid that it doesn’t support syncing with the custom CouchDB.
I’m currently working on the new version of the mobile app which will support the custom DB.


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Cool, so I’m waiting for the update.

yea. +1 on this reuest just tried to setup my iphone. i want to move from Evernote and bear. but sync with the mobile is pretty much a req.


I see. Please wait for the new version. It’s in private beta now:

The new mobile version has been rolled out. It supports custom database so this topic is now marked as resolved. Thanks for the suggestion!