Set default notebook to none bugged

On all platforms you can’t set notebook to none again. A hacky way to choose none again is to create a new notebook select make it the default notebook and then delete it.

Hi Sceptic,

Thank you for the report.
This is intended that you can’t set notebook to none.
You shouldn’t delete a notebook that is default notebook (It is prohibited in the mobile app and will be in the desktop app)

So please create a notebook like “Inbox” instead.

I was afraid of that. I would very much like the option to pick ‘all notes’ then. Since that is the default when none is still selected. Also what if you don’t even have any notebooks, right?

This is by design that each note must belong to a notebook. Deleting default notebook means that your notes belong to non-existing notebook and that would cause unexpected behaviors.

Again, please make an inbox notebook.

My mistake, the description, default notebook is a bit cryptic and does not explain it at a glance on Android. On the desktop version it does tell you what it actually means. I misinterpreted it and thought that you could set a landing page on Android. Maybe add the full description from the desktop app on android to prevent this confusion?

Also when you want to force a notebook in the new version it might be a good idea to implement a function to find all notes without a notebook. I thought I could find them all by exporting all notes and checking out the root of the folder but they are simply ignored in the backup as of now. Now I had to go through all my notes to set a notebook for the ones without one.

That makes sense. Okay I’ll add a description on the mobile app.

Exporting orphans would be necessary. Thank you for the suggestion!