Search tool breaks the note's header

Bug report

Search tool breaks the note’s header. I’ve reproduced this keeping dev tools open but it’s blank.


  • Platform: (macOS)
  • Platform version: (HighSierra/10.13.4)
  • App Version: (3.20.0)


  1. Open inkdrop
  2. Do a search
  3. Click on any resulting note
  4. Press Cmd+f to do a search within the note
  5. Edit mode will toggle automatically
  6. Click on find to go to the first match
  7. Switch back to view mode without exiting search
  8. Click find a few times
  9. The note’s header will dissapear
  10. Restart the app is needed

Hi Vianney,

Thank you for reporting it.
I confirmed the problem.
The search bar in the editor should be hidden when switching back to the preview mode.
I also noticed that it gets back to the correct state if you switch again to the edit mode.

That’s right, switching back to edit mode pressing the key shortcut is a workaround.

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From v3.20.2, the in-editor-search-box will be hidden when toggling preview. Thanks again for the report!