Search for Cyrillic keywords within notebook content

Bug report

I can’t search for notes within notebook with cyrillic symbols (а, б, в, г, д, etc). Once I start typing in cyrillic, it cancels with “0 notes found.” At the same time search for cyrillic text within note works as expected.


  • Platform: both Ubuntu and Android
  • Platform version: 16.04 and Android 7.1
  • App Version: (3.13.0)


Create a note with any text in Cyrillic and then try to search for this note using any word you have in that note.

@craftzdog At the same time, I especially tested search within notes scope by creating notes with Spanish special characters, such as á, í, ü and with Japanese text テキスト and then searched. For instance, Inkdrop search perfectly finds my note which contains text in Japanese once I start typing テ. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for Russian. Try to insert in any note a phrase Привет из России and then try to find this note by typing России… So it seems like no unicode problem as Inkdrop perfectly works with Japanese and Spanish.

I really like your product and hope we’ll be able to find solution for this problem. Currently I use mostly English and Spanish for my notes but I’ve got plenty of old notes in Russian which I’d like to be able to search for. And as you stated in the portal page of Inkdrop “Search is everything for note taking software”.

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for the report.
Yes, as you noticed, it currently supports the full-text search for only English and Japanese.
Because I’m Japanese and I’m afraid that it’s hard to test if it works correctly for other languages.

Technically, it is based on lunr as the search engine and actually it is capable to support Russian, Spanish and some other languages.
But it’s disabled for now because I have to check if it works well when multiple languages are enabled at the same time.
I think it’d be good to make each language possible to opt-in.

Please let me consider the best approach to accomplish this feature.
Currently I’m focusing on the current roadmap and I’ll plan this after finishing it.


@craftzdog Thanks for your clarification. It was important for me to know that theoretically it’s feasible so I’ll be waiting it to be implemented some day in the future. I like your Japanese approach to the quality and I have to say that worldwide “Japanese quality” is even more valued than German one. :wink:

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In v4, it supports indexing Cyrillic keywords.