Scrolling past the end of a note

Bug report

When the Scroll Past End option is enabled, the note can be scrolled all the way out of the view area.
Believe that it should stop at the last line, at least, and only scroll when the note is longer than half the viewing area, though I could see some users preferring to scroll up to the last line of the note.
Also, despite disabling the Scroll Past End option, when viewing the note in the Preview it still scrolls past the end.


  • Platform: Arch Linux 5.12.14 / Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Platform version: Linux 5.12.14 / Windows 10 Enterprice
  • App Version: 5.3.1


Any note, the scroll is not affected by the note length, even with one line, scrolling is enabled and it is possible to scroll to a point where the note becomes invisible.

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the report.
In terms of implementation, it is just an addon of CodeMirror here:

I looked into it and found that it has a subtraction of 30 for the inner padding.
But Inkdrop has another 10px padding for the layout, so it should be 50.
I’ll fix it in the next release.

Regarding the preview pane, it is intended for scroll sync with the editor.

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landed in v5.4.0:tada: