Save note link as file

You can do this manually with a text editor, and it works at least in Mac OS X.

First, right click a note and Copy Note Link.

Try creating a file named test-link.url


Make sure it’s plain text, has the correct .url extension and there is a blank line following.

This is actually the Windows format, but it is natively recognized by OS X. I believe some Linux file managers will handle it as well.

Can someone test this on Windows / Linux? It would be handy to create links to notes within a DropBox / iCloud / GDrive folder, and a Save Note URL File command would facilitate that.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the suggestion.
That would be great to link notes across apps and platforms.
BTW, inkdrop:// URI scheme works only on macOS at the moment.
You can make it work on Windows by adding some registry items according to this page:

You can do it on Ubuntu as well:

I will consider to make the app register the scheme automatically on Windows and Ubuntu in the future!

Also Save Note URL File command would be nice to have as a plugin :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your thoughts!

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Hmm… I’ll definitely have to try my hand at writing a plugin, then… seems like a fun little project!

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