"Save as" option for images

I love the support for images that is already implemented in Inkdrop, I use it to paste from my desktop as well as take photos on my mobile and add them to my notes. I recently needed access to one of those images for a presentation and noticed there was no simple way to get that, so what I ask for is an option to save the image in an external location as .png for example.

Edit: I just noticed that this feature is available in preview mode, is it possible to also make this work in edit mode? I’m rarely using the preview at all since Inkdrop already applies styling to the raw markdown.

Hi Bastian,

You can just drag-and-drop an image to Finder or explorer to export it.
It is possible on the editor as well.
Hope that helps!

Sadly this feature doesn’t seem to work with dolphin (KDE file manager). If it would work it would help my problem though :smile:
Nevertheless adding a “save as” option to the editor as well would be better for consistency and discoverability I think. Maybe show a hint somewhere that drag & drop also works when you use the “save as” functionality.

Hope you can help me

Yeah, that makes sense.
Will add the menu to image widgets in the editor as well.

Fixed it in v4.4.1. Thanks!