Run Inkdrop behind the local firewall

Hello me again, hope it will be my last post here in the support category…

my tests are over on my personnal computer and i decided to move to my enterprise one, were i only had the demo version.

I’m using the standalone app since i can’t install it but i can’t login to inkdrop cauz the whole *.app domain is blocked by firewall/proxy policy… Is there a way to login in an other way ?

Hi Alexandre,

Could you please read the documentation about web proxy?

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick reply,

We re not using explicit proxy.

After a quick investigation, seems the app is blocked by the local firewall policy. So i can use inkdrop but it can’t communicate with the outside world.

Is there a way to make it work offline? ( using another computer to generate an auth token or something?)

Inkdrop is basically designed to be used online.
Unfortunately, you can’t use it behind the firewall which you don’t have permission to allow Inkdrop.