RTL support

Hello. Can you add support for RTL (Right-to-left) script?
Languages such as Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic, absolutely require this feature and without them, the product is simply unusable for all the middle eastern users.
Let me know if I could assist you in any way.

Hi AmirHossein,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah, it’d be definitely great for all the middle eastern users.
But I’m afraid that the RTL is not going to be supported.
Because I’m developing this app alone and I don’t use any of these languages.
It’d be hard to support features that I will never use.

Sorry but thanks!

Hi @craftzdog,

sorry for opening up this again, but the last reply is now 5 years ago. I’m wondering if you’ve maybe changed your mind with regards to the RTL-question.

I’m currently looking for a noteapp for everything (work, private stuff and learning hebrew). Inkdrop works great on my iPhone, private Mac will be tested today and on my work ThinkPad with Windows (even after our proxy). Far better than iCloud Notes which is pretty bad. But, by learning hebrew, I need a place to store all the learned words.

Many thanks in advance!


I’m afraid to say no.
Imagine you implement features specifically for Japanese/Chinese, which is not your primary focus.
You like my app because it works flawlessly.
You will not be happy with using broken features.