Routing and Router graph

Dear community,
I am very new to Inkdrop but I am using it with happiness to track and describe my development process. I am working on the area of networking (routing and IP network) and I need to add to my notes some graph that show interconnection between network equipment (router and switches).
Any plugin that may support on that? Or I just create a graph with 3rd party app (as Visio) and then import it in Inkdrop?

Thanks for your help

Hi Massimiliano,

Thanks for the question.
I guess there is not a plugin for drawing topology or something like that at the moment.
The mermaid plugin would be an alternative but I don’t know.

Thanks Takuya san! I already use mermaid and I will dig in on how modify the plugin (if possible) to insert routing equipment as “icons” to design packet flow between equipment. Thanks for Inkdrop, a great tool!


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