Roman numerals in lists

Numbers at the beginning of unordered list items are formatted as roman numbers.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: 10.13
  • App Version: 3.22.4

Steps to reproduce

Enter the following markdown:

- 14. August

Expected result: “14. August” (as a list item)

Actual result: “xiv. August”

It seems like this is an issue with GitHub Markdown, I get the same result if I try it on GitHub. See and

Workaround: It works as normal if I remove the dot, or escape it adding a backslash first, but having to do this is a bit annoying.

Perhaps a CSS override could be added to Inkdrop to avoid this issue?

Hi Dan,

Thank you for reporting it.
This is because the default GitHub preview theme has following CSS:

Since it seems like a personal preference, please make a plugin that applies your custom CSS if you don’t like it.