Right click - Delete behaviour is not as expected

Bug report

Hi! I just accidentally deleted a note because Inkdrop didn’t behave the way I would expect. I was able to remove my note from the Trash, so no lasting damage, but if I hadn’t noticed that the wrong note was deleted I might be in trouble.

The problem is that when you have selected one note and you right click on a different note and select Trash: The context menu appears above where you right clicked, but the Move to Trash action will apply to the highlighted note.


In the above screenshot for example, the orange note is the one that gets deleted.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Mojave
  • App Version: 4.1.0


Left click on one note, then right click on another and “Move to Trash”.

I believe this behaviour should be changed so that whenever I write click on a note the selected (orange) note is changed to be the note that I right clicked on.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for reporting it.
Yeah, that’s actually a known issue that the context menu on the note list bar always performs on selected items. It’s by design at the moment.
But it should be fixed as you explained that when you right-clicked an item, it should be a target of the action. This behavior can be seen on many other apps.
Thanks again!

It should be working as expected in v4.2.0.
Thanks again for reporting!